CSAC was established in March 1996 with partial transferred employees from CSC. Owing to the Phase I Expansion Project, the Phase II Expansion Project, retirements, and diversification, we constantly recruit new employees, in terms of academic qualifications among all employees, 21.7% of them have a master's degree or above.
CSAC has a good talent training and development plan, which is helpful to attract and retain talents and strive to create pleasant working environment, thereby improving the productivity and innovation of the enterprise, and supporting the needs and capabilities of the company's long-term operational growth.

Training for new recruits

New recruits are given a company tour when they sign in. Orientation classes, which are related to company regulations, labor safety and hygiene, quality control, fringe benefits, and clerical work, allow them to adapt to CSAC’s working environment in the shortest period of time.

The system of apprenticeship

Each new recruit is given a one-on-one apprenticeship for a period of one year to absorb the know-how of a seasoned technical employee so that he can carry on the assigned duties smoothly.
The achievements of new recruits are assessed by their written reports and oral presentations.

Training for executives

Middle-class executive training classes, which encompass all aspects of managerial practice, the training of their subordinates, reliance formation, and management application, are mandatory for junior executives who will be promoted to senior ones.

Training for technical employees

Specialized employees are wholly educated through the TPM Campaign and certified to possess operational skills and knowledge in order to promote better product quality.

Training on work safety

CSAC has followed government rules and regulations on labor safety and hygiene since its establishment. It has devoted to training on occupational safety and health and implemented work safety certification systems. Training classes are held for Category A labor safety and health executives, management professionals on labor safety and health, paramedics, fire prevention professionals, and operators of cranes, forklifts, organic solvents, special chemicals, high pressure gases, powder dust, and hangers.

Language learning

Subsidies are given to CSAC employees who have potentials and are eager to advance in their fields of expertise in terms of language learning as well as related learning.