Based on the concepts of “practicality, innovation, growth, and co-prosperity,” CSAC offers its employees a safe and hygienic working place to produce aluminium products with high quality to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers. Moreover, CSAC makes social and economic contributions while achieving its operational performance, seeking growth, continuing energy conservation, protecting the environment, innovating new values, and becoming an excellent international aluminium company.
All stakeholders are treated with integrity. Missions of the organization are carried out so that CSAC can maintain its sound development.
Continuous value innovation will be pro-actively sought. The creative environment will be established to encourage CSAC employees to make breakthroughs to promote CSAC’s competitive advantages.
Teamwork is stressed to meet the demands of the customers and create new values for them. Industry trends are keenly grasped to explore business opportunities.
The benefits of shareholders, customers, and employees are always looked after; partnerships are established to lay a good foundation for CSAC’s sustainable development.