Coil & Sheets

Aluminium sheets have wide applications in the construction industry and have replaced the traditional materials, e.g. steel, plastic, building stones, and timber, because of their light weight and the awareness for resource conservation and environmental protection. Aluminium sheets produced by CSAC are used in the construction industry to manufacture curtain walls, cladding, ceilings, heat insulators, venetian blinds. They are also used as the primary materials to manufacture electrical appliances, telecommunication equipment, PC board drilling guide sheets, lightings (LED lights included), internal parts and engine hoods of automobiles, aviation containers, consumer goods including umbrella ribs, cooking utensils, and canning materials for food packaging. CSAC produces aluminium sheets and coils with the most modern rolling, coating, and finishing technologies to meet the market demand for high quality aluminium sheet and coil products.

Alloys Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others Al
5052 0.25 0.40 max. 0.10 max. 0.10 max. 2.2 - 2.8 0.15 - 0.35 0.10 max. -- 0.05 max. 0.15 max. Rem.
Alloys Thickness(mm)
5052 - H32 0.2 ≦ T ≦ 3.2 90 ≦ W ≦ 1500 1000 ≦ L ≦ 800(0Flat sheets) 305、406、508(Coils) This information is for reference only; for detailed acceptance dimension ranges, please refer to the table for available sizes.
A specification based on the mechanical properties of the JIS H 4000

The test items for additional simulation test control before delivery of anodized products are as follows
(1) Anodized tests
(2) Chemical polishing tests

Anodized tests Chemical polishing tests
Detected defects Structure streaks,Pick up inclusion, Machine scratches Inclusion stringers,Structure streaks
The Production Flow Chart